Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gone Hollywood

Ok, well not exactly, but we have all been super excited here about Caydence's tv debut.

I think the day of surgery I was in kinda of a state of shock. I mean, my 3 year old kid was about to go in and have her 3rd and hopefully last open heart surgery. EVERY, and I do mean every emotion was pouring through us. Would she make it? Would it work? How long would she recover? We were excited, nervous, anxious, and ......

So in watching the video's of her surgery, it seems like I have my emotions in check, when in reality I am a mess. The video/camera's concept was weird. I woke up at 4 the day of surgery to get ready. They came at 6. Surgery started shortly after 8.  They were in and out the entire day. Joe had to work the night before so he got to the hospital at 7. Craziness.

And....after we got home, Children's sent me the pictures, which were hard to look at but not blood and guts. Then in this week's episode, I see the actual surgery. Heart open. Blood flowing to the bypass machine. Caydence being worked on. Reality. I mean, what did I expect? This was about her was just hard to watch.

Anywho, I wanted to consolidate all the links on one site for everyone.

Here's part 1 of Caydence's story.

and part 2-

and meet Caydence-

and the local paper article-

They shot some video of us leaving the hospital, and I didn't see that in this week's episode, so I imagine that will in a  further episode.