Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Like me?

Everyone always tells me Caydence looks like Joe. It’s true, and that’s ok cause he’s handsome! But it got me thinking about ways Caydence is like both of us. Here is what I got.

Ways Caydence is like Joe

·                  She likes to be outside, especially playgrounds. The Swing is her favorite.

·                  Stubborn. Very stubborn. (you might say I am stubborn. No, I am argumentative, and if you would like to discuss the differences I will argue them with you….at a later time).

·                  Bread eater- bagels, waffles, dough, you name it.

·                  Loves the old cartoons like Pink Panther and Loony Tunes

·                  Loves playing video games with her daddy, specifically the ones where they shoot things. Ahem. Not moms favorite.

·                  Thin. 10% of her weight class.

·                  Cool scar, just like her dad.

·                  Had had multiple blood transfusions, also like her dad.

Ways Caydence is like me

·                  Loves to read

·                  Likes to play school (I am still “playing” school)

·                  Likes to sing even if she doesn’t know the words. She will make them up, which I do as well.

·                  Falls asleep in the car….often.

·                  Loves sitcoms like Good Luck Charlie.

·                  Has started putting everything in her mouth (Some of us may remember me and the paintball story)

·                  Likes to twirl her hair, sometimes to the point of getting her finger stuck.

·                  Very empathetic towards children crying. I am not a fan of the “cry it out method”. I see a baby crying I want to pick it up not let it cry for 45 minutes. That’s just me. Caydence is the same way.

Ways she is like both of us

·                  Loves to swim

·                  Likes to make a mess and not clean it up (getting slightly better about this. Her not her parents).

·                  Doesn’t like to share. I blame this on her being an only child. We are working on it. Not sure what Joe and my excuse is.

·                  Republican (we can just tell).

·                  Loves Jesus.

Ways she is like neither of us

·                  Slow hair growth. I know what you’re going to say- look at Joe. Joe had hair until he was about 17. Lots of it. Caydence’s grows very slow. It seems to be picking up speed now…finally.

·                  Likes to cook. Not sure where she got that from. Neither Joe nor I like to cook.

·                  But doesn’t like to eat. Not sure where she gets that from either. Joe and I love to eat.

·                  Smart beyond belief. I think Joe and I are of course smart, but Caydence amazes me. She can knock out a puzzle fast. Can write her letters. Her memory is impeccable. She speaks well for her age, as I am told by people we meet. She has a great imagination. She is light years ahead of where I was at her age.

And because no post could be complete without a picture, here is my sweet baby on the swings.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bad Blogger

When I was pregnant with Caydence I would blog every week to the week. It was therapeutic for me, especially after learning about her heart.

I haven’t been the best about blogging after Caydence was born, which was about 3.5 years ago. I have a long list of reasons why, but rather than list excuses I am going to try and rectify that.

So, here we go.

Caydence has been teaching me how to cook. It’s a skill I never learned. She loves cooking and is very patient in teaching me.

These first two pictures are her making a cake.

Followed be her making a peanut butter sandwich. Can’t believe she is old enough to make that on her own.

This last picture is what I attempted to make for Joe’s birthday. Kinda hard to make whoopee cookies without the whoopee cookie pan. I thought I could improvise and save money so I used cupcake muffin tins. Instead of whoopee cookies I made cupcakes. Oh well, they were still good.

 I have become addicted to pinterest, which has tons of recipes. We are going to get ahead and start on some Thanksgiving recipes soon so I can do them a few times to get them right (Caydence's suggestion).