Wednesday, January 26, 2011

10 years

Today marks 10 years ago that I met a Mr.Joe Barrett

In 10 years, Joe and I have been through:

■Gotten 2 bachelor degrees, 1 master’s, working on a dr.

■Joe is in school to finish his bachelors, which he started 10 years ago

■Career change into police academy for Joe.

■1st time to live on our own in our 1st apartment

■bought our 1st house,

■had our 1st and only kid,

■who subsequently had 2 heart surgeries and in 2 months will have a 3rd

■Had an HIV scare with her but she is ok.

■have been through kidney cancer and 2 surgeries to treat it

■both of us have been laid off from jobs

■7 cars (me- the civic, Saturn, altima, Mercedes, kia). Him (bug and jeep)

I love you honey but here’s hoping the next 10 years are less…..eventful!

Here's a picture from our 1st date.

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