Monday, February 28, 2011


Caydence's black stools were caused by a very large ulcer. The GI guy carterized it, and is expecting that will fix it. When he want in to look at her stomach, there wasn't that much blood leaking anymore, so he is pretty confidant they caught it somewhat early and have fixed it. Time will tell.

Caydence can't eat or drink for 1-2 days, which means by day 2 she will be ready to stab me for not letting her eat. They want to give her stomach a rest for a few days though.

The heart team will round in the morning, and we will talk more about cath dates. The GI guy thinks that they could probably wait, and do the cath on March 11th, but her cardio people will make that choice.

All in all, getting better....I think. They have identified why she was bleeding out. Her stats, so far, have been good. Hopefully we can give her stomach a rest for a few days, then see how she is doing.

They will be checking her hemolobin levels soon and the every 6 hours. We do not want these to fall. They ahve been around 13, and we want them to stay that way.

Thank you again for the thoughts and prayers. We are truly blessed with the best friends and family.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Today, 2/28/11, at 12:01 pm, my daughter turned 3 and was admitted to the ICU.

Caydence's poop has blood in it. Her hemoglobin level was 14 when we checked into the hospital. It is now 7. She is loosing blood.

Tomorrow she will have an endoscopy to see where the bleed is coming from. Maybe it is an ulcer. Maybe it is something else.

Still planning on doing a cath this week. The bleeding issue takes precendence over the heart issue because per the echo, the heart is functioning well.

So, they really want to keep an eye out on my precious baby. So, we are in the ICU.

Please pray for my baby Caydence.
Please pray for me. I tried so hard to not cry in front of Caydence and I completely lost it tonight.
Please pray for Joe who can't miss a day of academy and has to go tomorrow.

When they were taking blood Caydence kept telling the tech "I'm sorry. I'm sorry". As if she did something wrong. My heart hurts for my baby!

Sunday update

Here's what we know today.

HEART- Her heart functionality is great per the echo. However, they think Caydence may have a collateral vein issue with her heart. What that means is Caydence's body has created new veins to the lungs, which is causing her stat issue. Her stats are supposed to be in the 80's, which they are when she is sleeping, which is consistent with collateral issues. However, when Caydence is awake, her stats are all over the place, as low as even the 40's. That is bad because when they are that low, that means she is not getting enough oxygen to places, including her brain. You and I breathe at about 100. Yesterday we tested Joe and he was 99. So you can see why 40's are troubling.  Caydence was originally supposed to have her cath on March 11th. It is highly possible that may be moved up to this week to see exactly what is going on. Depending on how that goes, it is possible the surgery would get moved up. Or it is possible that they may be able to fix the collateral issue during the cath. Wait and see.

STOMACH- Her stomach is still hurting her. They are going to give her milk of magnesia to try to get her to poop more. They don't think she is going enough to clean her out. She has only gone one time and that was yesterday. She vomited once yesterday but so far nothing today.

IV- She is not on an iv anymore because we can get her to drink/eat/pee pee. Big plus. One less machine to be hooked up to.

So what does that all mean?

Well, Caydence isn't going anywhere today. I am hoping after she poops she will feel better in her stomach, and that perhaps we can do the cath tomorrow or Tuesday and get the heart issue figured out. Whether that means they can fix the heart issue during the cath or move the surgery up, at least we would know.

More to come. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Our family is loved by so many and we appreciate it!

Below is a sweet picture of my dad and Caydence reading books.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Here's the latest on Caydence.

Caydence wasn't feeling well on Friday. I took her to the pediatrician Friday at 3, and her stats were in the 60's (they are supposed to be in the 80's), and she was complaining of stomach pains. She was also breathing 50 reps per minute (this is supposed to be 20-30).

So off to Children's we went to get checked out. They did a chest xray and abdominal xray, which looked good.

They wanted to put in an iv. They blew her viens twice before finally gettin it on the 3rd time. Do you have any idea how hard it is to watch them stick your kid 3 times. Unreal.

So they put her on iv fluids to help her out because they thouht perhaps she was dehydrated.

We came up to the 8th floor at about midnight. From midnight to 7am her stats were up and down, so they put her on oxygen to help her stay in the 80's.

We are fixing to do miralax, which is something to help her poop. They are thinking maybe she is constipated.

Worse case scenraio it MIGHT be a heart thing, and we might push the cath (which was supposed to be on March 11) and the heart surgery.

But they want to see first if she will poop, and see how that affects everything. Maybe her oxygen stats are low because her stomach is in pain, because she can't poop.

Will keep you posted as we know something.