Sunday, February 27, 2011


Today, 2/28/11, at 12:01 pm, my daughter turned 3 and was admitted to the ICU.

Caydence's poop has blood in it. Her hemoglobin level was 14 when we checked into the hospital. It is now 7. She is loosing blood.

Tomorrow she will have an endoscopy to see where the bleed is coming from. Maybe it is an ulcer. Maybe it is something else.

Still planning on doing a cath this week. The bleeding issue takes precendence over the heart issue because per the echo, the heart is functioning well.

So, they really want to keep an eye out on my precious baby. So, we are in the ICU.

Please pray for my baby Caydence.
Please pray for me. I tried so hard to not cry in front of Caydence and I completely lost it tonight.
Please pray for Joe who can't miss a day of academy and has to go tomorrow.

When they were taking blood Caydence kept telling the tech "I'm sorry. I'm sorry". As if she did something wrong. My heart hurts for my baby!

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  1. Sending love and prayers your way! Tell Caydence Happy birthday!