Monday, February 28, 2011


Caydence's black stools were caused by a very large ulcer. The GI guy carterized it, and is expecting that will fix it. When he want in to look at her stomach, there wasn't that much blood leaking anymore, so he is pretty confidant they caught it somewhat early and have fixed it. Time will tell.

Caydence can't eat or drink for 1-2 days, which means by day 2 she will be ready to stab me for not letting her eat. They want to give her stomach a rest for a few days though.

The heart team will round in the morning, and we will talk more about cath dates. The GI guy thinks that they could probably wait, and do the cath on March 11th, but her cardio people will make that choice.

All in all, getting better....I think. They have identified why she was bleeding out. Her stats, so far, have been good. Hopefully we can give her stomach a rest for a few days, then see how she is doing.

They will be checking her hemolobin levels soon and the every 6 hours. We do not want these to fall. They ahve been around 13, and we want them to stay that way.

Thank you again for the thoughts and prayers. We are truly blessed with the best friends and family.

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  1. Whew...I can't even put into words how happy I was to hear that they found a source and hopefully a solution. We will be praying for her continuous improvement!! Big hugs to ya.