Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday update

Caydence's hemoglobin was 14.9 last night at 10pm, and 14.7 at 4am. This means, in theory, that since her hemoglobin levels are still the same, she is not bleeding out anymore, and hopefully the ulcer is fixed and won't be a problem.

They just put in orders to transfer us to the 8th floor, so hopefully by tonight we won't be in ICU anymore. We have to wait for a bed to become open but if they discharge anyone today or if they have rooms available we will be heading back up. The ratio in the ICU is usually 1 nurse to 1 patient, or 1 to 2. Up on the 8th floor, it's more like 1 nurse to 5 or 6 patients. So, that means the patient is more stable and in theory is recovering and doesn't need the constant attention that the ICU provides.

No eating or drinking today to let the stomach heal.

Cardiology came by. So, GI wants Caydence to be off aspirin (a blood thinner) for 8 weeks to help thicken the blood/wall surrounding her stomach.  Well, cardiology wants to thin her blood when they do her cath and surgery. So what does that mean? It is probable that Caydence's surgery may get moved back because they give a large dose of heparin (a blood thinner) when they do surgery. Her cardiologist is going to talk to the GI people and we should know later today if the heart procedures will get moved back.

More to come but I think we are heading in the right direction.

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