Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dates and Patience

Ok, got some dates for you fine folks.

April 6 (Wednesday)- heart checkup, just to make sure the ole ticker is working ok
April 11 (Monday)- pre-op appt for Endoscopy.
April 18 (Monday)- Endoscopy (gulp). This is to make sure the ulcer has healed.
May 12 (Thursday)- Heart Cath- this is a day procedure to map out the heart for surgery

so why do I need patience?
Cause we STILL don't have a heart surgery date. We don't have a date because they want to wait until we get the results back from the endoscopy and the cath to set a date. Sounds reasonable.

However, this is frustrating for the following reasons:

1) I want this done and over with. Yes, I said it. I, selfish me, want this over with. I am a planner. As much as I can't control this situation, having a date on my calendar let's me plan and prepare myself for the surgery.

2) I also want this over with for Caydence. I feel like this surgery has been keeping her from so much, that I feel like we will FINALLY all have peace after it is over. Things as simple as going to church, aren't simple for us because we don't want Caydence to get sick, especially before surgery. So she doesn't go, and Joe and I have to coordinate who goes/who watches Caydence.

3) I plan on going back to work AFTER Caydence's last surgery. Well, it is a little hard to interview for positions, if I have no idea when I can start. Argh.

***** I know God's timing is best. I do. I know it will all work out how it is supposed to work out and that his timing is better than mine.*****

I also know that I am human and patience is a life long battle for me.

Below is a picture I thought I would share of my favorite badge.

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