Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday update

Caydence pooped twice overnight and they were both negative for blood. This is wonderful! This means she is more than likely not bleeding from that ulcer anymore.

Also, they checked her hemoglobin at 6am this morning. It was 15, which is great. You may remember yesterday it was 14.9 and 14.7, so it is not going down. If it was going down that would be another indicator that maybe she was still bleeding.

She hasn't been oxygen since Monday, and her oxygen stats are staying in the 80's, which is great.


They want an endoscopy in 8 weeks, just to make sure she's heeled. This is the same day procedure she had on Monday where they put a camera down her throat to check out her stomach, intestines, etc.

They can't do her cath or heart surgery until after that, which means cath and heart surgery will probably be pushed back to May now. I will have new dates later that I will post.

After the doctor's do rounds they are going to let her start on clear food- jello, etc. and see how she does. They will progress her today if she does well......and possible let us go home today. We shall see.

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