Monday, June 6, 2011

post op check up

Well, we made it home. Barely. She does have some fluid on her lungs....probably because I can't seem to get my kid to take her diuretics. Why not you ask? She's 3 for Pete's sake. She clenches her mouth and spits it out.

So, we are going to try a different approach. For some reason I seem to have better luck with pills so we converted her diuretics from liquids to pills.

I tried it tonight. I got one in her no problem. The 2nd one I put on ice cream and I think she tasted it. She took a sip of water and I am not sure if she spit some of the pill out or some of the ice cream. In any event it went 150% better than previously. No crying. No screaming. No frustration....and Caydence did good too. Hopefully we will see some good results.

So, we go back tomorrow and redo the labs and Xray. Please pray it looks better. They will only let us do outpatient for so long before they admit her and shove iv's up her arm.

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