Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A change of plans

So we went today for our pre-op. It was going to be about 3-4 hours. We did the usual bag of tricks:

* Stats (they were good)
* EKG (good)
* Xray (good)
* Bloodwork (level 8 meltdown)

So then we had to wait for the bloodwork to get back. When it got back her hemoglobin level was 17.5. You may remember (or not) when she had her bleeding ulcer she was down to a 7. That was bad. They transfuse when it gets that low.

Well, they admit at 18 and give you iv fluids. So, as a precaution, they admitted us a night early. They will put in an IV soon, and start iv at midnight.

So some of you have asked why her level is so high. Well basically, she is expelling more oxygen and she is expelling more oxygen because it is truly time for her to have the last surgery. This has nothing to do with the ulcer. If she had an ulcer her levels would go down and not up (her average level is 14/15)

The additional problem with a hemoglobin level at 17.5 is that it can increase your chance for a blood clot, which we obviously don't want.

Surgery is still on for tomorrow and we are just trying to roll with the change of doing doctor work on her teddy bear. see below.

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  1. Praying for Caydence and all of you. Stay strong, and get some rest tonight. We'll be praying even harder tomorrow.