Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday's update

We were able to wean Caydence off of the oxygen. Yeah! No nasal cannula.

The are pumping Caydence full of diuretics, which unfortunately makes her potassium low. So they tried to give her potassium through a liquid version, which she showed me how much she liked it by throwing it up on me. Awesome.

In other news, Caydence hasn't had a stool yet so they are pumping her full of milk of magnesia. Which is nasty and she tries trowing that up too. Fantastic. We are trying to get creative in ways to get medicine in her. We finally figured out to get the Tylenol in her. We crush it and so she doesn't gag on it.

The picture guy gave me a cd from all the pictures he took on Thursday. I will try to upload some tomorrow. They came out great.

We are progressing in the right direction. Echo is tomorrow. She is going to lose her mind when they do it so please pray she won't be scared.

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