Thursday, May 26, 2011

Surgery updates

8:15- they just took her back for surgery. Updates will be every hour to 1.5 hours. Surgery will be 5-6 hours.

9:56- they just called and they have her under and they are starting the surgery. Everything is going good.

11- They just called. Caydence is on the heart bypass machine. So far no complications. They are starting the repair work.

12- Caydence is off bypass. Her heart is beating on its own. Echo looks good. Putting in chest tubes soon. All in all good so far.

1:30- We just saw her. She looks GREAT. They are hooking her up and we will get to stay with her in an hour.

5- Caydence just got extubated, which is great! She just has the nasal oxygen. She is sleeping in and out. Mainly out. Stats are great. She is a rock star!!!

1 comment:

  1. So thankful it went well. Hugs and prayers for your family and little Caydence!
    (Off. Gordon's wife)